Pillar 1


Movement to get the body energised



Mindfulness to calm the mind and be present



Maintenance to nourish the body throughout the day

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Delivering Complete Well-being Programs for Businesses, Communities and Events.

NHWB is grounded in the Three Pillars: Movement Mindfulness and Maintenance.

Through research and development, Nikki has lived this ethos to curate these into simple, fun and meaningful daily practices for people in a business, home or social environments.

These Three Pillars will continually build and evolve to nurture and promote resilience at both the individual and organizational level.

... Melissa


I have been training with Nikki for a few months now not only one on one sessions but with NHWB online from the comfort of my own home as a stay home mum, this is more convenient and suits my busy schedule. In this short time, I have already noticed improvements in my ability to push myself harder throughout each session. Nikki provides good advice and excellent support focusing on my needs and helping me achieve my goals. I highly enjoy the variety and challenge that Nikki puts into each session, not only do I love the workouts and the feeling after but the excitement of wanting to do more each week. The professionalism she provides of always ensuring that my techniques are correct to avoid any injuries and making sure you are using the correct breathing methods. I look forward to continuing my training journey to maintain a good level of movement, mindfulness and maintenance with Nikki’s help and motivation. Nikki has this amazing energy about her. She is extremely passionate about my wellbeing, and I would highly recommend her to anyone willing to feel the burn and experience these amazing wellbeing sessions. You won’t regret it!!!


... Siviana


As someone who has always struggled to stick to an exercise routine, I was sceptical when I first started working with Nikki as my coach for Nikkalates. However, after just a few sessions with her, I was hooked. Her supportive and encouraging approach made me feel comfortable and confident, and her contagious love for her craft helped me finally develop a sustainable exercise routine. With Nikki's help, I've finally found an exercise routine that I not only enjoy but look forward to every week. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fitness coach who will help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and sustainable way.


... Carissa


Nikki is a holistic health specialist, understanding the need to nurture the mind, body and soul. Nikki brings a beautiful warmth and presence to her sessions, her passion and genuine care for her clients really shines through. Using the pillars of movement, mindfulness and maintenance, Nikki creates a unified health session which leaves me feeling energised, calm and focused. As a psychologist I really enjoy the inclusion of a strategy to quiet the mind. I highly recommend Nikki’s sessions and include them in part of my regular exercise and self care practice.


... Svetlana


Nikki is not just my personal trainer, she is a health guru that helps me find answers to all of my questions related to my body and mind health. As a business woman I’m very time poor, and what I love about Nikki is that she tailors training sessions to suit my busy schedule. Whether the session is in person or online, training is targeted to address my needs. Nikki offers a unique blend of yoga, stretching, muscle toning and meditation exercises. In addition to all of this, she provides me with tips about nutrition, natural oils, mind-fullness, and health related products, and above all, sessions are fun and I feel secure knowing that my health is in good hands.


What we offer

Practical and easy-to-implement solutions for wellness in your world – work, play or event

For Corporates and Organisations:

Practical solutions to navigate the world of wellness

Assistance and advice on shaping your wellness goals for your business and people

Implementation support – working direct with business owners and managers, event organisers to follow-through and achieve your wellness goals.

For Individuals:

In-person and digital delivery of a total wellness program

MOVE – with a catalogue of professional video content featuring Nikki’s personalised workout style

MIND – select the perfect guided mindfulness practice to assist your changing daily needs

MAINTAIN – nourish your brain and body through products and services used by Nikki in her daily routines for sustainable health

Nikkalates: Ab & Flow
Nikkalates: Full Body
Nikkalates: Legs & Core
Ticker Rising: Resistance
Tone Blend: Upper Body & Core
Tone Blend: Resistance Upper & Lower Body
... ...


Nikki Higgins Well-Being has emerged out of living rituals that ground and energise Nikki on a daily basis and have healed her from a debilitating state.

Watching this journey first-hand resonated with many people around her and convinced her to share her experience and learnings with family, friends and colleagues.

Nikki has now developed these personal lessons into her Three Pillars program for corporates, communities and events.

Each considerately crafted program incorporates each of her Three Pillars:

  • Movement
  • Mindfulness; and
  • Maintenance

  • Explore further to learn how Nikki Higgins Well-Being can help you and your people.



I believe in the concept of starting and ending your days in the most nourishing ways. It sparks my soul to explore tailored ways to instil similar practices and routines for your bespoke needs.

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